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Innovation Insights Webinar – Product Design and Gamification with Suvrajit Sarkar

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As the theme indicates ‘Innovation Insights’, the objective of these sessions is to bring thought leaders and subject matter experts to the spotlight to share their innovation journeys, models, methodologies or best practices – essentially for the audience to gain some insights and benefit in their respective innovation, intrapreneurship & entrepreneurship journeys.

About Survajit Sarkar

Suvrajit Sarkar is a Product Design and Gamification expert who has been applying research-based principles to drive the design of products that fully support end-user needs while also achieving the business vision.

As a customer experience design practitioner, he fundamentally believes that everyone should have thoughtfully designed environments that nourish and sustain their lives. He does this by working across disciplines to manifest social change and re-envision the places we work, play, and gather.

His engagement design methodology has a 360-degree approach that involves everything from design research, live experiments, re-envisioning everyday products and services, digital space, sustainable development, and designing unparalleled customer experiences in the hospitality space.

As a Product leader at Digital Harbor Inc., Suvrajit has lead key transformational initiatives to change the way knowledge workers engage with their day to day tasks by designing Human-Centric enterprise applications.

Key Takeaways

  • Notching up engagement for existing customers
  • Boost critical usage and revenue metrics
  • Reach out to new customers
  • Drive the success of your product

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