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Creating positive social impact is extraordinary

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“Spending time on social network is Ordinary; Creating positive social impact is extraordinary” – Naveen Lakkur

Most people and reputed organizations keep interacting with the public through social media platforms to stay relevant in this social media era. They might be having huge fan followings in the digital space. Is that enough to remain relevant in the long run?

This article will give light to a few socially impactful initiatives from some reputed organizations worldwide. They took real initiates over the social media gimmicks. Engaging people through social media is not an alien activity for the below-mentioned organization. In fact, they have elevated the possibilities of social media to succeed in their initiatives. Here is their Little Extra initiative to create social impact and happiness in other people’s lives.

Mindful initiatives to uplift the most deserving set of people’s lives and careers are making these brands unique. They do not just spend money to help others, but they invest time and effort to make it work. TOMS Shoes, Walt Disney, and Panasonic have a story that most of us do not know. They sincerely wish and commit themselves at each level of their Little Extra plans to bring the right kind of change through their eXtraOrdinary initiatives. When brands put out everything through social media and entertain people, these companies make history with effective social impact movements and social media presence.

Story 1 – A Unique Business Model for Social Impact

Organizations often do multiple CSR activities as part of their brand promotion, but nothing like TOMS Shoes. They have a unique approach to giving back to society. There has been a lot of appreciation for the generous consumer benefits. Read further to know more about their one for one business model and how their Little Extra thought fulfilled millions of kids’ dream.

TOMS Shoes is a perfect example for a company that is committed to maximizing the social impact. Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS Shoes in 2006, with a unique mission to meet children’s needs by providing shoes to those who are under privileged. So, with every purchase that we make, they are getting closer to gift a shoe to a most needed kid. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Their shoes are produced in Argentina and China following fair labor practices, creating minimal environmental impacts.TOMS and independent third-party auditors supervise factories to ensure the same. TOMS Shoes are sold online and at retail locations worldwide with the promise that TOMS will contribute a second pair to a child in need in Argentina, South Africa, and other countries around the globe.

They conducted “shoe drops”- a shoe donation initiative and encouraged the public to take part in it. The brand has gone out to countries like South Africa, Rwanda, Argentina, Ethiopia, and the United States and successfully donated a pair of shoes to more than ten lakhs kids across these countries. The public had an opportunity to experience social contribution.

TOMS Shoes have gained cool cult status as they said their customers care about the environment and take responsibility for helping with diligent buying. It is undoubtedly a great business model, and perhaps a better life model. Their approach on social media & social impact initiatives is something that can be followed by all.

Story 2 – Stand Out in the Crowd

Organizations doing CSR activities are quite common, but employee volunteerism and strategic philanthropic investments make Panasonic different from the crowd. Continue reading the article to find the Little Extra and created wonders in society. This story is about Mr. Matsushita and his incredible thoughts on social impact in general. With a Little Extra Effort, Panasonic is proving themselves as eXtraOrdinary when giving back to society.

Panasonic has remained a purpose-driven company since its origin. According to Mr. Matsushita’s principle of doing business, at the core of every successful institution is a giving heart’. Mr. Matsushita’s business philosophy sparked a legacy of fundamental principles. All their socially impactful efforts started with “Contribution to Society” and end with “Gratitude.”

While keeping with these core principles, the company is committed to driving positive change through technology. They have an initiative called ‘Our Office of Social Impact.’ It helps the organization achieve positive changes through employee volunteerism, corporate outreach initiatives, and strategic philanthropic investments. Read their story to understand their outstanding achievements in this domain so far.

Panasonic’s initiative – Office of Social Impact is dedicated to driving positive change through technology, more specifically to address the widening gap between future tech jobs and current education in STEM (Science, technology, engineering & Math) in underserved communities. Studies say that 80% of the formal jobs will be revolving around STEM, and to equip the next generation with best practices of it, the Panasonic Foundation invested a huge amount in Camp Skyhook – an initiative for immersive outdoor learning experience to encourage students from 4th and 5th-grade students to develop interested in STEM, and they have a curriculum developed by UCLA and NASA!

Panasonic’s remarkable dedication to enabling underserved students to fill representation gaps in STEM makes a substantial difference in thousands of lives.

Story 3 – Upskilling for a Changing Job Market

How many companies does take an effort to support the education and reskilling of their employees?
There could be a handful of companies who does that. But today we are going to know about a well-known brand ‘The Walt Disney’ and their eXtraOrdinary initiative that has been benefiting many lives.

Here is the story of Walt Disney and their Little Extra input to support their workforce by sponsoring an employer education program.

Learning is a continuous exercise, especially when employees need to upskill frequently to stay relevant during this rapidly changing world. Please read the below snippet to know more about the Little Extra initiative to bring social impact through their timely intervention.

The Walt Disney Company identifies that education is the gateway to opportunity and proudly supports its workforce by funding the country’s most robust employer education programme.

Aspire is a one-of-a-kind initiative covering 100 percent of tuition costs and provides support services to their employees as they complete the coursework. Hundreds of skill development program, degree programs options and master’s degrees from reputed universities are available under this initiative. These courses do not need to be compared to Disney’s current roles and help participants prepare for an ever-changing job market.

Employees can use both on-site “study hall” spaces and private career coaching to finish their courses. Disney Aspire was launched in 2018 with the aim of expanding access to education for its members. The Walt Disney Company has spent around $150 million towards various education programs that is equivalent to high school, language learning, vocational training for upskilling, college, and master’s degrees, and more.

The major attraction of this learning facility is the flexibility it offers to each student. It enables all enrolled candidates to adjust the study timing that works for them, their families, and their careers. They are also provided coaching support at each step of their learning process.

All the enrolled candidates can access renowned universities and technical schools. These including online programs by the University of Arizona and Central Florida being two of them. The company pay the tuition directly to the campus besides buying textbooks, materials and compensates for other fees.

More than half of Disney’s full- and part-time hourly employees have taken the initial step to unroll into various courses so far. The Walt Disney Company views this effort as a commitment to build futures and uplift communities through workforce development and does not require that employees pursue an education that relates to the titles they hold with the company.

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