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Complimenting is eXtraOrdinary

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“Complaining is ordinary; Complimenting is eXtraOrdinary.”- Naveen Lakkur

Who doesn’t want things in order and the results as we expect. But when it doesn’t happen the way we wanted or get the desired results, it takes a natural route towards complaining. What about when things happen right, Like when we got the tasks completed on time or achieved the set goals?

I recall reading a wonderful statement during my early days of professional career which read “Great minds share ideas; Average minds share experience; Low minds complain”. After reading this, there’s been a conscious effort to bounce ideas off as frequently as possible and share experiences as needed and refrain from complaining or change the context to look at complaints as challenges. 

In fact ‘complaints’ has been a source of inspiration for innovators, as identification of a problem is a great starting point for an innovation journey. Typically innovation journeys need support from many stakeholders and if we want the journey to be rewarding, then we need to be a little extra and complement others for their goodness & good deeds. 

Having gone through several innovation journeys I have experienced that “Great hearts complements; Average hearts Compares; Low hearts Complains”

We live in an interdependent world. How many times have we taken the opportunity to acknowledge & complement the goodness in others who were instrumental in making things happen for us. We take people for granted. If only we can be a Little Extra and acknowledge others, it will take the relationship to a new level and make our innovation journey rewarding.

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