Inclusive Entrepreneurial Mindset – Panel Discussion PART1

The10YEC. Youth Excellence Center.

Topic: Inclusive Entrepreneurial Mindset – Panel Discussion PART1

Panelists: Naveen Lakkur, Kiruba Shankar, Paul Kirch, Rajesh Setty

Moderator: Srini The10 Gurrapu

*** Key topics from this discussion

* What is entrepreneurship

* Innovation & Execution

* Role of Human Values

* Adv Tech role & changing world – Web3

* Venture Capital & entrepreneurship

* Social Entrepreneurship

**** The10 YEC purpose is to empower with ”entrepreneurial and excellence skills” based on yogic powers to “design excellence” in the world – inner and outer. The yogic powers: Samayama – power of focused & harmonious mind. Yama & niyama – universal human values such as oneness, growth mindset and resilience. The10 YEC uses hands-on “I-O-A-M” framework to nurture one’s think, execution and SELF character muscles to help pursue excellence in the endeavors – challenging “unfair status quo” in the world.

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