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iii Digest January 2021

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After a long testing time, we have entered 2021 with a lot of expectations both personally and professionally. The Institute of Inspiring Innovation have been staying positive and spreading positivity through the tough times of 2020 and here is our new initiative – the first issue of our new newsletter ‘iii Digest’. This edition has The Spark – our theme based digital magazine, and featured articles of the month based on a theme from the book ‘a Little Extra’ along with event highlights and upcoming Training Program.

Our featured articles and content will be centered around Innovation, Product Development, Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership. We aim at sharing innovative content to inspire our readers in the upcoming months. Let us grow together in the path of innovation, happiness, and prosperity.

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The 36th edition of the Spark is based on the concept of diversity and inclusion. A featured article titled “Diversity and Inclusion as Inseparable Twins,” around the web articles about diversity and inclusivity at the workplace and how it benefits the organization’s overall performance, an infographic, Innovation paradox and training program showcase, etc. will be the content included in this digital magazine.

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This article will give light to a few socially impactful initiatives from some reputed organizations worldwide. They took real initiates over the social media gimmicks. Read further to meet a few business heads who went a Little Extra and create social impact and happiness in other people’s lives through their projects.

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Dr. Lakshmi Thalanki is an Associate Professor in the Department of Orthodontics at Boston University. She graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine. She obtained her Doctorate of Dental Medicine degree with high honors and made the Dean’s List at Boston University. She has excellent research experience and was selected for the prestigious Hatton award for her research from IADR. She has given several lectures and scientific presentations nationally and internationally and published several articles in various journals and publications. Listen to her eXtraOrdinary life insights from the chat with Naveen Lakkur, Chief innovation Coach at Institute of Inspiring Innovation.

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Balu Masti is the Co-founder of HUM Consulting Services. He is a well-rounded technology professional with graduation from SJCE, Mysore University, and Master of Science program (MS) from the University of Nebraska -Lincoln (UNL) the USA. He is also a Carnatic music lover and a genius in playing Saraswathi Veena; he was a youth artist of All India Radio and a certified yoga teacher besides all that. Listen to his eXtraOrdinary chat with Naveen Lakkur, Chief innovation Coach at Institute of Inspiring Innovation.

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Listen to the insightful webcast moderated by Mr. Mahidhara Davangere V. Naveen Lakkur Founder of the Institute for Inspiring Innovation was a panel member, and veterans like Mr. Anand Sudarshan, Mr. Jeet V, and Mr. Ravi Narayan were the co-panelists of the event organized by TechBharath 2021.

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Two is always better than one, and when this paired principle is put into practice, the results are ever-inspiring and can deliver superior results in the workplace. This course is highly recommended for leaders and aspiring leaders in the organization irrespective of the function they belong to- Sales, HR, Finance, Product Development or Customer Service.

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Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach at Institute of Inspiring Innovation is conducting a two part training program starting from 23rd January 2020
Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach at Institute of Inspiring Innovation will be speaking on the ‘AIC-SKU START-UP SUMMIT ‘on the topic null“Entrepreneurship as a Career Opportunity”

Date: 19th January 2021
Time: 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
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