a Little Extra Talk EP#03

Theme for the week is “Working hard is ordinary; working smart is extraordinary” from the book ‘a Little Extra’.

Working hard is not an option. If only we can be a Little Extra then it can transform our efforts to ‘Working smart’.

If we can produce extraordinary results
* with lesser effort
* in a shorter timeframe
* in a meaningful way
then we term it as ‘working smart’.

Here are 3 little extra’s that could help transition to ‘smart working’:
1. Bring Creativity & Innovation to the forefront
2. Use Technology as an enabler
3. Develop skills based on your core strengths

We have Girish N Kerodi, Chief Operating Officer of Verbinden Communication & an Executive Director of Cogniquest AI, sharing his thoughts on ‘Working Smart’ and how they do it in their organization.
This link
will help If you listen to the conversation. You would be inspired and will get some insights to create the culture of ‘working smart’ at your workplace.

The book ‘a Little Extra’ is now available on iiiStore
it’s a best gift to someone who is working smart and wishes to continue to be a little extra, develop mindset to produce extraordinary results.

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