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Saturday / Jan 15, 2022 /

‘Basics of Intellectual Property’ – Innovation Insights

Naveen Lakkur / Innovation Insights, Upcoming Events / 0 Comments   

Join us on Thursday, 27th January 2022 from 4:00 pm IST to gain insights on “Basics of Intellectual Property” presented by Harsh Pangi, Indian Patent Agent and Founder of IP-FY. The program is designed to introduce fundamental concepts of Intellectual Property (IP). Broadly the program addresses types of IP, life cycle of different types of…

Wednesday / Jan 06, 2021 /

Reinventing Yourself to Stay Relevant and Thrive

Naveen Lakkur / Training Events, Upcoming Events / 1 Comment   

About the Event To create a better tomorrow, be it for your own-self or your business unit or your organization by having a meaningful purpose & develop the capability to creatively express. Register Now