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Monday / Sep 07, 2020 /

Nature is a Wise Teacher

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Innovation is a natural process. For example, the human brain is a product of evolution. Nature has gone through many stages of evolution for the human brain to be what it is today, creative, innovative, and emotive. In fact, every organism in nature has innovated. Nature has indeed taught us a lot about innovation. Companies…

Tuesday / Jul 07, 2020 /

Ondu Corona Kathe (A Corona Story) with Naveen Lakkur

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A couple of children told our Chief Innovation Coach Naveen Lakkur that their mothers can cook Maggi noodles in two minutes. They asked if he could cook up a story and serve them in under two minutes. The current Coronavirus being a hot topic, he told the story about the Coronavirus titled ‘Ondu Corona Kathe.’

Thursday / Jun 25, 2020 /

Knowledge Byte: Young & Old

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The writing goes like this: At extreme stages of our life, we must reflect on the wonderful message and fact. The three things we can learn are: Do something meaningful today so that tomorrow we have sweet memories to cherish. Learn to innovate today so that tomorrow the change respects us. Give something good today. Nature returns…

Thursday / Jun 11, 2020 /

Knowledge Byte: Insights on Sight & Vision

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“Having sight is ordinary; Having a vision is eXtraOrdinary.” – Naveen Lakkur Sight is an important sense for us human beings. Without sight, it is unimaginable even to put a foot forward. But what is ‘vision?’ Is it different than sight? Sight and vision are interchangeably used in conversations, yet conveys the message. It is like…

Tuesday / Jun 02, 2020 /

Knowledge Byte: Customer Funding Vs VC or Angel Funding

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Customer funding is the best way to prove that your business is viable and valuable. It enhances the bootstrapping option for your business. It also enables an option for co-creation. By taking VC or angel funding, you will dilute your holding. It includes new members into the company, bringing advisory support, business network, and ecosystem…

Thursday / May 21, 2020 /

Knowledge Byte: 3 Phases of Innovation

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The three phases of innovation the iii way: Phase 1 of Inspiration – A phase where you identify a problem to solve and have a meaningful purpose Phase 2 of Ideation – A phase where you generate as many ideas as possible and pick one winning idea. Phase 3 of Incubation – This is where…