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Friday / Oct 23, 2020 /

Creating with Consciousness

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Creation with Consciousness A Training Programme to enable Innovations for the future About the Course To create a better tomorrow, be it for your own-self or your business unit or your organisation by having a meaningful purpose & develop the capability to have a Wholistic Approach, Human Values Centric and Structured for Sustainability. Course Coverage Understanding…

Friday / Oct 23, 2020 /

Systems Thinking for Strategic Initiatives

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About the Course It is a necessity for ‘Systems Thinking’ and imperative to take ‘Strategic Initiatives’ especially during these challenging times. Are we equipped to look at the world allowing us to see how these interconnections between small pieces happen that comes together to make a more complex whole? Course Coverage Developing mindsets required for Systems…

Tuesday / Jun 02, 2020 /

‘a Little Extra’ Training Program

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This workshop is for professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. What you will learn? You will learn to: Develop ‘Innovation Mindset’ 9 Yards Innovation Journey framework Connecting the dots Workshop led by Naveen Lakkur, serial entrepreneur turned innovation coach. It is based on the book ‘a Little Extra™’. The workshop aims to Equip participants to take up…

Saturday / May 23, 2020 /

Ideation Masterclass Overview

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iii’s Ideation Masterclass with serial entrepreneur turned innovation coach Naveen Lakkur & author of the book ‘Found’ along with Indian patent agent Harsh Pangi can be attended by corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and smart students. The participants will learn the Ideation framework. During the workshop, the participants will be taken through the framework, they will practice…