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Friday / Jun 23, 2006 /

LIP #3.5 Relationship Management – All about Loving and Giving

Naveen Lakkur / Articles /   

Relationship Management is close to my heart because my personal and professional life has been built on the wonderful relations that I have shared with others. Relationships are like wine. They get better with each passing day and its the best when it’s old and strong. My friend Rajesh Setty says, “Relationships are of 2…

Monday / Jun 05, 2006 /

LIP #3.2 ANGER is just short of DANGER

Naveen Lakkur / Articles /   

Is your emotional quotient dominating over your logical quotient? Let me help you answer this question by asking a couple more questions. Do stories inspire you? Do you get associated with the story or characters in the story? If you are not sure, let me help you again. Here is a story… There was once…

Wednesday / May 31, 2006 /

LIP #3.3 Empathy!

Naveen Lakkur / Articles /   

It’s common to have problems with your work or at work place or in your life or even at large, in the society. And let me tell you that, “When there is a problem, there is an opportunity”. When you share your problems, you usually get sympathy. This may make you feel a bit better…

Sunday / May 14, 2006 /

LIP #3.1 Self-Awareness

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In the earlier post on Emotional Intelligence, we had seen that self awareness is the first stepping stone in becoming emotionally intelligent. “Know Thyself”, is one of the well known ancient adages. A true leader is one who knows them-self before they know their followers and leads them. Self knowledge is realizing one’s emotions, feelings,…

Thursday / Apr 27, 2006 /

LIP #2 – Leaders have Personal Brand

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True leaders command following. Leaders are followed only if they are known for something, rather one thing or few things. It is all about right communication and action. All leaders must consciously make people aware of what they are best at so that they are famous for it. Otherwise they would be associated with those…

Wednesday / Apr 19, 2006 /

LIP #1 – Breaking Free!

Naveen Lakkur / Articles /   

When I was young I had seen a gigantic elephant being tied with a rope. I was always surprised as to why the mighty beast would never try breaking that small rope. Then I learnt that the mahouts have a wonderful way of doing this. When the elephants are young, they are bound by rope…

Sunday / Mar 12, 2006 /

Leaders Build Trust

Naveen Lakkur / Articles /   

Leaders build trust. A much misunderstood word trust is often confused with belief. Belief by itself sounds positive but trust is at the next level. Let me narrate a wonderful story my friend Vijay Reddy shared with me recently. It’s about an amazing trapeze artist. He could cycle on a tight rope. He once claimed that…

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