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Tuesday / Jan 12, 2021 /

Living with love is extraordinary.

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“Living with laws is ordinary; Living with love is extraordinary.” – Naveen Lakkur Bring ‘Love’ to the forefront to your initiatives and make it as your little extra…extraordinary results are bound to follow. Stay inspired…    

Monday / Jan 11, 2021 /

Innovation Strategies in the Challenging Social and Business Landscape

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About the Event St. Joseph’s Institute of Management is organizing a virtual conference on the topic “Innovation Strategies in the Challenging Social and Business Landscape” on 26th & 27th Feb 2021. Naveen Lakkur, Chief Innovation Coach at Institute of Inspiring Innovation is a speaker of this event. Topic: Innovation Strategies in the Challenging Social and…

Wednesday / Jan 06, 2021 /

Reinventing Yourself to Stay Relevant and Thrive

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About the Event To create a better tomorrow, be it for your own-self or your business unit or your organization by having a meaningful purpose & develop the capability to creatively express. Register Now

Thursday / Dec 31, 2020 /

Creating positive social impact is extraordinary

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“Spending time on social network is Ordinary; Creating positive social impact is extraordinary” – Naveen Lakkur Most people and reputed organizations keep interacting with the public through social media platforms to stay relevant in this social media era. They might be having huge fan followings in the digital space. Is that enough to remain relevant…

Wednesday / Dec 30, 2020 /

Empowering Edutech

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Listen to the insightful webcast moderated by Mr. Mahidhara Davangere V. Naveen Lakkur Founder of the Institute for Inspiring Innovation was a panel member, and veterans like Mr. Anand Sudarshan, Mr. Jeet V, and Mr. Ravi Narayan were the co-panelists of the event organized by TechBharath 2021. Topic: Track 1 Funding Education and Edupreneurs: Empowering…

Wednesday / Dec 30, 2020 /

Dr. Lakshmi Thalanki on Hello XO!

Naveen Lakkur / Hello XO!, InnoTalks / 0 Comments   

ABOUT THE EVENT A virtual talk show to showcase eXtraOrdinary people and their Little Extras. Based on the theme “To cry is ordinary; To smile and get others to smile is eXtraOrdinary” from the book ‘a Little Extra’. Guest: Dr. Lakshmi Thalanki is an Associate Professor in Department of Orthodontics at Boston University. She graduated…

Monday / Dec 28, 2020 /


Naveen Lakkur / The Spark / 0 Comments   

“Diversity broaden the business canvas and inclusion deepens it.” – Naveen Lakkur This edition is about diversity and inclusion. The featured article has twin elephants Appy and Proppy discussing diversity and inclusion. The articles from the web include different scenarios of diversity and inclusivity at the workplace and how it benefits the organization’s overall performance….

Wednesday / Dec 23, 2020 /

Diversity & Inclusion as Inseparable Twins

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One evening, Appy and Proppy were playing with their friends at the nearby playground. They were playing Kabadi by splitting into two teams. After a long game, they took a break and sat under a huge tree for some rest. Suddenly a new kid came towards them and asked if he can join the team….

Thursday / Dec 17, 2020 /

Building a Positive Workplace Culture

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Naveen Lakkur: Founder of the Institute for Inspiring Innovation was a panel member for a webcast organized by uExcelerate, A cloud-based executive coaching platform designed to connect Professionals with Right-Fit Coaches. Topic: Workplace diversity of inclusion: A key ingredient for organisation success Date: 28th November 2020, Saturday Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Watch the…

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