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Being the root is extraordinary

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“Being the fruit is ordinary; Being the root is eXtraOrdinary.” – Naveen Lakkur

It’s normal to aspire for being the fruit, it generally relates to sweetness or success, essentially good results. It’s easy to relate to the fruit because it’s visible and what gets others to appreciate it.

Remember the popular phrase “Short & Sweet”, maybe it came from being the fruit as the lifespan of a fruit is short. Same way the success or being in the limelight may be sweet but it’s momentary. 

Fruits are important. The quality of the fruit is determined by the strength of the roots. Roots may not be visible just like the character, human values and attitude. It’s the strength of the roots that determines the sheer existence of the fruit. The roots are the nerve system or the control system managing the entire tree and the quality of the fruits.

Lifespan of Roots is long, it may be even right to say it lasts a lifetime. Roots relates to the qualities such as dependability & reliability even without any visibility. No wonder why Leadership is generally referred to as Roots.

Remember the message of Lord Krishna, “Focus on developing the good character, focus on the activity, ensure excellence in execution and let it be in the path of dharma, the righteousness And the rest will be taken care. Essentially, his prescription is “Nurture the Roots, You will definitely bear good Fruits”.

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