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iii Business Labs – bamboo

Naveen Lakkur / iii Business Labs / 0 Comments   

Bamboo is a chamber in iii Business Labs which is furnished workspace accommodating 35 workstations including a Meeting Room and a Pantry Space.

As we all know Bamboo has the ability to grow very quickly and is highly resilient in most conditions. Our Chamber of Bamboo helps in creating open work culture. It is designed for agile work environment – with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints – to optimise their performance and to do their best work. The workstation can be arranged or organised in different layouts. In minutes the place can be converted to a large conference hall.

The place is designed to inspire creativity & innovation to the workforce

Located at the most beautiful place in Bengaluru 4th Block Jayanagar. very convenient workspace as it is very close to the Bus stop, 5/10 mins walk from metro & surrounding with famous food joints.

Environment, Education & Ecosystems are the 3 pillars of support provided by iii Business Labs

Chamber price: 175000 + GST (services included: Standard WIFI, Electricity, Maintenance & Housekeeping services, UPS, Drinking Water)

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